Esther Perel Global Media

CO-founDer & coo providing brand and growth strategy

Following Esther’s viral 2013 TED talk, she and Lindsay co-founded Esther Perel Global Media with the intention to scale Esther’s cultural impact, and create a financially sustainable business.

In the early phase of the business, Lindsay wore many hats, including high level strategy, contract negotiation, accounting, project management, publicity, team building, and hiring. One of her first projects was pitching, developing, and launching Rekindling Desire, a digital course that has grossed over $1.5 million.

Later, acting as COO, Lindsay oversaw the launch of Esther’s New York Times best selling book THE STATE OF AFFAIRS (Harper Collins), helped develop and produce the highly acclaimed podcast franchise WHERE SHOULD WE BEGIN (Audible/Gimlet), provided crucial on-site support and editorial direction at keynotes such as SXSW and Summit Series, and played a crucial role in growing Esther’s speaking business 7x.

During the brand-building time they worked together, Esther’s audience grew from 25k to over 850k. Today, Esther is widely considered the world’s leading cultural critic on the topic of human relationships

We’ve [launched a book, a podcast, and workshops] in less than three years, and it’s because I teamed up with the perfect business partner, Lindsay Ratowsky. I’m very happy to tell people that I couldn’t have done anything without her. She co-founded the brand.

— Esther Perel


Generation WOmeN

brand DEVELOPMENT, growth strategy, AND event support

A monthly cross-generational female storytelling night in New York City showcases the wit and wisdom of women of all ages. After Launching summer 2017, the show sells out its 130-person theater weeks in advance, and has become a Lower East Side night life staple.